Three Types of Life Insurance


  • -Temporary
  • -Less Expensive
  • -Level Premiums
  • -10yr, 15yr, 20yr, 30yr periods
  • -Return of Premium option available

Whole Life

  • -Permanent Coverage
  • -Builds Cash Value
  • -Guaranteed Death Benefit
  • -“Participation” policies pay Dividends
  • -Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate
  • -Cash Value may be used to supplement future income needs for college or retirement.

Universal Life (Variable)

  • -Most Versatile
  • -Tax Deferred Interest
  • -Provides Flexibility to adjust premiums and death benefit
  • -Used for Business Retirement, Estate, and College planning
  • -Better Rate of Return Potential
  • -Ivestment Options Like Mutual Funds
  • -Long Term Care options available

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