Riders and Additional Benefits

The following riders and additional benefits can help you tailor your policy to your specific needs. Some riders may require additional premiums.
Conversion Priviledge

The conversion privilege allows you to convert your policy to a permanent policy-without taking another medical exam. The term conversion option is allowed anytime throughout the life of the policy either before the end of the level premium-paying period or until the age of 65-70(depending on the life insurance company). It’s a convenient way to ease into permanent insurance.
Living Needs benefit

A long illness that precedes death can be financial devasting to loved ones. For no additional premium, this rider can enable you to receive part of the death benefit while you are alive if you: become confined to an eligible nursing home for at least six consecutive months and are expected to be permanently confined, become terminally ill and are expected to live less than six months; or need a vital organ organ transplant and have only six months or less to live without the transplant procedure.
Children’s Protection Rider

You can provide temorary insurance protection for your eligible children with this rider that offers level premiums and a level death benefit. It includes the option to convert to any permanent policy up to four or five times the rider’s face amount, without evidence of insurability. This option may be exercised at specific times, until the child reaches age 25. Available for an additional premium.
Waiver of Pemium

To ensure your policy will not lapse during a period of total disability, this benefit waives your premium payments should you become disabled under the terms of your policy. Available for an additional premium.
Accidental Death Benefit

To help your loved ones cope with the devastation of an accidental death, this rider will pay your beneficiaries an additional death benefit if your death is accidental as defined in the rider. Available for an additional premium.

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