Life Insurance Advantages

Life Insurance Advantages

  • Premium payments can be spread out over a period of years
  • Heirs don’t have the burden of paying estate settlement costs
  • Proceeds are immediately available when taxes are due
  • Proceeds are free of federal income tax
  • Generally, insurance policy proceeds are free of federal estate tax if a third party or an irrevocable life insurance trust owns the policy
  • Generally, proceeds are not subject to probate expenses
  • Proceeds can replace the financial loss caused by premature death

Through proper planning and use of life insurance, you can minimize estate settlement costs, provide funds to meet costs and conserve your estate for your heirs.

Use Life Insurance

Life insurance allows you to pay now, and to pay all estate-settlement costs, including federal estate taxes, for just pennies on the dollar.  By placing ownership of your insurance policy with a third party or in an irrevocable life insurance trust, you can exclude the policy from you estate, thereby avoiding taxes on policy proceeds.

Get Started

You can get things going by providing us information about:

  • Your goals
  • Your assets and outstanding liabilities
  •  Your will, trust, etc.

We can help you:

  • Estimate the amount of your estate settlement costs for discussion with your legal and financial adviser
  • Determine if your goals are being met under your current plan
  • Explore alternatives in order to meet your goals
  • Gain consensus with legal, tax and financial advisers regarding revisions to your existing plan
  • Coordinate implementation of your plan and establish funding for estate settlement costs
  • Monitor your plan for changes related to tax laws and your goals

You can help us do that by:

  • Having an attorney revise your will, create a trust(s) and restructure ownership or your assets if needed
  • Changing ownership and beneficiary designations on life insurance policies if required
  • Securing additional life insurance if needed

A well-trained, professional insurance agent who knows the benefits and uses of all different types of life insurance policies will be happy to analyze your situation without cost of obligation. 

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