Term Life Insurance


What is the most cost effective way to pay for life insurance?

The answer is  term life insurance with level premiums. 

The attractive feature of term life insurance is the affordability of the coverage because of the short duration.

Term insurance falls into the category of temporary insurance because it provides protection for a designated period of time before it must be renewed, converted, or allowed to expire.

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It is usually purchased to provide insurance for a limited number of years-typically between 1-40 yrs.

The premiums are low and calculated to be sufficient to cover only mortality costs and expenses for the period insured.

The shorter the coverage period, i.e. 10yr. 15yr., 20yr., and 30yr. term periods-the lower the cost of insurance and lower premiums.

The death benefit is payable only if the death of the insured occurs during the policy term and while the policy is in force. The shorter the initial term period, the lower the initial premium, the shortest being one year.

The best way to get the lowest price on term life insurance is to compare costs by running a free quote. 

Term Life Insurance prices are different from each company based on age and health history.  In order to obtain the best possible rates, it is important to compare each company.

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