Life Insurance Awareness Month

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Life Insurance Awareness Month

The facts are undisputable…

  • Thirty-three percent of women have no life insurance protection at all
  • Twenty-eight percent of wives and fifteen percent of husbands have no life insurance at all
  • Insured wives in the U.S. carry enough life insurance to replace their income for only 4.9 years. (The recommendation is 7 to 10 years.)

All facts are from LIMRA International’s life insurance consumer studies, September 2007, Facts About Life newsletter

Did you know?

  • An estimated 50% of the country’s wealth is controlled by women
  • Nearly 40% of American businesses are now owned by women
  • Thirty-one percent earn more than their husbands
  • Forty-eight percent provide half of all household income

Why then are women more likely to be uninsured? September is the perfect time to think about all the wondrous things that life insurance can do for families and businesses in your community.

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