RETIREMENT PLANNING 101: Northern California Adult-Education Course Open to the Community

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Scott Marcoux, Cole Garcia


Make Sure Your Retirement Lasts a Lifetime, Says Sacramento Financial Expert

October 10, 2011- Sacramento, CA – If you are like most, the current economic situation may have you uneasy about your finances and retirement. Due to the recession, many retirement account values have plunged in value and savings have diminished. Financial education is more important today than ever, especially in regards to retirement planning. With careful planning and the proper tools retirement does not have to be only a dream, it can be a reality.

Local nonprofit, The California Institute for Financial Literacy, wants to ensure that retirement is attainable for all individuals. CAIFL is hosting Retirement Planning 101, an adult-education course starting October 18, at Yuba College.

“The financial and insurance industries have spent decades hiding how they and their agents are compensated. The best way to defend yourself against unscrupulous brokers and agents is to arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to make investment decisions on your own,” says Cole Garcia, Vice President of Pacific Financial Strategies, Inc. and Co-Founder of CAIFL. “Retirement Planning 101 is your first step.”

The course will provide individuals and couples with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about their financial future.  Upon competition of the course, students will be better prepared to increase cash flow, provide college education for their children, build net worth, and protect their family’s estate.

“People need to make planning for retirement a priority and take advantage of this great opportunity. Retirement Planning 101 is taught by professionals from the legal, financial, and insurance industries and will shed light on some of the common planning issues that families need to be aware of and plan for,” says Scott Marcoux, independent insurance agent and Co-Founder of CAIFL.

Course Topics:

·         How to get the most from Social Security

·         How to maximize returns and minimize risk

·         The truth about Medi-Cal and solutions for Long-Term Care

·         How to retire early

·         How to choose the right financial advisor

“CAIFL is successful in reaching families because of the nonbiased and objective approach the nonprofit organization takes in presenting the issues and relating the information to real life stories,” says Marcoux.

Retirement Planning 101 will consist of 4 instructional days, October 18, 20, 25 and 27.  Enrollment is open to members of the community; individuals can register by calling 800-749-0619 or by visiting,

The California Institute for Financial Literacy (CAIFL) is a regional non-profit organization, located in Marysville, CA, CAIFL is dedicated to improving financial awareness in the community by educating pre and post retirees on all things financial. Our financial instructors are experts in their fields and volunteer their time in order to further the mission of CAIFL, which is to “Advance the financial awareness of individuals through interactive workshops in classroom and workplace environments.”
About Scott Marcoux

Scott Marcoux is the Owner and Financial Advisor of Marcoux Insurance and Financial Services, an independent insurance agent and financial advisor, and Co-Founder of CAIFL. Mr. Marcoux is an authorized representative for the American Veterinarian Medical Association, a registered representative with Transamerica Financial Advisors, and serves as a resource for other advisors as a brokerage director with Pinney Insurance Center, Inc.

About Cole Garcia

Cole Garcia is Vice President of Pacific Financial Strategies, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, and co-founder of CAIFL. Mr. Garcia has been teaching Retirement Planning 101 for 6 years at several colleges and universities throughout California.  Mr. Garcia currently serves as president of The Oroville Toastmasters Club and is a current member of the Ophir Elementary School Site Council.

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