Why Have my Policy Assessed?

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Sacramento area Life Insurance Reviews


Marcoux Insurance and Financial Services considers our relationship with you very important, so we have partnered with Insurance Valuation Services, Inc. to provide you with access to their Policy Assessment Program.  Their team of trusted policy analysts includes professionals from the insurasnce, legal, and financial industries who have been evaluating life insurance policies for nearly 40 years.

The program is free of charge and will answer the following questions:

  • Is your policy performing as desired?
  • Is your policy in danger of lapsing prematurely?
  • Does your coverage match your needs?(Do you have too much or too little?)
  • Are the options available today better than what you currently have in place?


Life Insurance is a financial product.  Like stocks or bonds, it requires periodic care.  Policy Assessment is a program that we recommend to ensure your life insurance is still secure and meeting your financial goals.  To take advantage of this program, call today at 800-396-5993.


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  1. Why Have My Policy Assessed?

    According to recent surveys*, nearly two thirds of permanent life insurance policies are in jeopardy of expiring prior to the death of the insured and nearly a third have improper beneficiary, owner, or trustee designations.

    When your life insurance policies were purchased, certain assumptions were made about policy charges, interest rates, planned premiums, etc. that no longer may be accurate.

    Additionally, your needs might have changed requiring more or less coverage. It is important to periodically review the status of your policy to make sure it still fills its intended purpose in your financial plan.

    *”Life Insurance and Trustee Liability Revisited”, Trusts & Estates Journal, 2004 Study.

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