Recent LTC Statistics from Genworth

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At a recent agent seminar for California Partnership for Long term Care, multiple private insurance companies were present reporting their claims experiences;

-124,650 total Claims paid.
-1,085 California Partnership Claims paid.

Over $5.2 Billion dollars in Benefits Paid through 06/09.
-$41.8 Million in CA Partnership Claims Paid.

-Youngest Claimant:32 female, knee, 6 month duration to recovery.
-Oldest Claimant: 103, hip, 6 month duration, dec.
-Longest Claim Duration: 16.2 years
-$1 million is largest single claim
-71% of Claim Dollars have been paid to FEMALE Claimants
-48% of All Claim Dollars are Paid to Claimants with Mental Disorders including dementia.

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