Best Rates for Tobacco Users

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Best Rates for Tobacco Users

The biggest benefit working with Marcoux Financial is the ability to shop life insurance rates with over 50 companies.

If you are an occasional cigar smoker, don’s think great  rates are not available.

At John Hancock, if you smoke 12 cigars or less a year, then you could be eligible for preferred best rates.

If you chew tobacco, don’t worry, life insurance rates can be affordable if you are matched with the right life insurance company!

Prudential will issue non-smoker Plus life insurance rates for those who use smokeless tobacco products!  That means non-tobacco rates for tobacco chewers.

Regardless of the underwriting impairment, we guarantee that the best life insurance company will be matched to your unique underwriting and budgetary needs.

For more information or a customized quote, contact a life specialist at 1.800.396.5993 or email us at

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