AVMA: Protect your Veterinary Practice from Disability

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Protect your Practice-Disability Insurance for AVMA members.

Professional Overhead Insurance

While disability insurance may safeguard your income, a disability could also threaten the continuation of your practice.  Professional Overhead Insurance addresses the cost of keeping a business open during the disability of an owner or partner.  This is important coverage if you are responsible for the ongoing expenses of keeping a practice open.  With these benefits, you may not have to spend your personal savings, or use up your personal disability income benefits, in order to stay in business.

For members of the AVMA GHLIT, Professional Overhead Expense Plans allow you to apply for monthly benefit levels from $300 to $20,000, in increments of $100, up to 100 percent of your office overhead expenses.  Covered expenses include rent, principal and interest on outstanding debts, utilities (heat, water, gas, telephone, electricity, etc.), employees’ salaries, postage and stationary, equipment maintenance, and month average of taxes on the premises.

Click here to learn more about the statistics on disability insurance.

Send an email to scott@marcouxinsurance.com to request more information.  Or, call 800-396-5993.

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