Disability Insurance

This insurance protects what may be a professional’s greatest asset—earning power.  Disability insurance can help protect your savings and guard against disruption of a family’s standard of living.

Long-term disability insurance offers features like;

  • including benefits paid up to a lifetime for covered disabilities (if disability begins before age 55);
  • a choice of waiting periods before benefits are paid;
  • your choice of monthly benefits, based on income, from $1,000 to $10,000;
  • a residual benefit which may help offset lost earnings if you earn less when you return to work; and a rehabilitation provision.
  • Important optional benefits include a future purchase option which allows you to increase coverage without medical underwriting at a later date; a special “own occupation” definition which may allow you to receive benefits if you are working in another profession due to your disability; and a cost of living adjustment option.

Students also need to protect the investment made in their education and future career.  Special plans, geared for students, offer affordable options to provide monthly income to allow a disabled student to help pay bills and hopefully complete his or her education.