What to Expect

Initial Interview-Fact Finder

Here is where we get to know each-other.  This initial appointment is usually held in person at the clients place of business or residence(although we always welcome you to come to the office first).  The initial appointment is a fact finding conversation that is meant for us to get to know what  your financial priorities and concerns are today.  We want to know how we can help and determine if there is a basis for us to work together and ultimately agree that there will be an order in which we address your financial planning needs.

The initial fact finding appointment will consist of a one hour consultation that should identify where a client stands financially, where the client would like to be as defined by calendar goals, and how we are going to achieve those goals.  The next meeting will be set prior to the end of the first meeting, and the agenda of the second meeting will consist of reviewing financial statements and insurance policies.

Data Gather

Data meetings are meant to “dig” into the specifics of the current accounts.  It is essential for the client to be prepared to review all existing accounts, review present income and expenses, and learn basic financial and insurance planning concepts.  In order for this step of the process to be successful, it is critical for the client to understand the magnitude of what it means for Marcoux Financial to begin working on a plan.  It takes time and considerable energy and resources to tailor individual insurance and financial plans, and both our agency and you must be committed to working together to achieve your goals.

Case Design

After we are confident that we have have the essential information(financial documents, census information, and clearly defined goals)-we will begin working on solutions.  Our objective will be to solve problems and achieve our goals by delivering the combination of realistic and affordable recommendations.  This part of the process may take up to 2-4 weeks depending on the complexities of your scenario.  This is also a good time for us to begin underwriting specific life and health needs.


Usually the presentation/implementation meeting will involve the first 30 minutes devoted to presenting our ideas, strategies, and recommendations.  We will show you how we will achieve specific, quantifiable goals by using in depth analysis that we will prepare.  The analysis will substantiate all recommendations and then may start the implementation process by completing the necessary paperwork.  This meeting will take an hour.

Ongoing Review

Our commitment to you is that we will be there throughout the year to review your plans, service your accounts, and grow with you over the years.  It is our desire to be a resource to you and in order for us to do so, that means there will always be a live person on the line waiting to help you with your accounts.

We are believers in utilizing technology to make the insurance and financial planning process as convenient as possible for our clients.